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Yoga With Abbey

Namaste, I’m Abbey. Welcome to Yoga with Abbey, here’s my journey into Yoga, Pilates and Reflexology.


This is a Space I have been creating for over 20 years where we learn different techniques to nourish and heal, not only the physical form, yet all aspects of ourselves, mentally, energetically and emotionally.

As yoga is not about standing on your head or touching your toes, it’s about all elements of your being, flowing calmly in rhythm together and feeling happy in your skin and mind! 

Guided by the breath, the breath is the key, even though we all breathe of every moment of everyday, the breath has a power, that governs how we think, feel and react. 

You have the power to make these changes, all it takes is you making friends with your mat and dedicating just 15 minutes a day. 

Email: [email protected]