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Levitas Design Ltd

Levitas - The Latin word for Levitation or Lightness is the process by which an object is suspended against gravity.

About us


The secret to Levitas’ floating bed is the bit you don’t see – super strong cantilever steel supports hold the bed off the ground. This allows the bed to float off any wall – even plasterboard walls. The steels have been designed for easy installation on any type of floor or wall. For the more adventurous, it is even possible to float the bed in the middle of the room without the need for a wall at all. The EXO bed supports hold up to 750kg (1650lbs) and comes with a 10-year guarantee – that’s the weight of 10 adults! Watch what happens when 19 people (over 2000kg on the steel supports) getting on our freestanding bed at the show – its not attached to a wall or floor! Watch the video here.


Levitas’ versatile EXO bed frame and slats are made from over 40m (130ft) of 100% recycled British aluminium. EXO beds can be made to fit any standard size mattress and bespoke sizes up to 4m wide! Features including under-bed lighting, illuminated glass bedside tables, magnetic wireless phone chargers etc are available. The bed frame can be painted any colour, wrapped with various fabrics, printed vinyl using photographic quality images, carbon fibre, wood veneer and leather. Fabric covers are attached to the bed frame using Velcro so they can be easily replaced/washed or changed for a new colour/fabric when the bedroom is being redecorated.

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